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Friday, October 8, 2010

Semi-detailed Lesson Plan in Geometry

Lesson Plan in Mathematics 3: Geometry
for Secondary Third Year Level

I. Lesson Objectives

        At the end of the class 100% of the students should be able to learn 75% of the lesson and be able to;

a.familiarize the formula in getting the slope;
b.find the slope of the line, with given two points  on the line or equation of the line;
c.graph a line using its slope and a point on the line; and
d.volunteer on solving problems.

II. Subject Matter

      Subject: Geometry
      Topic: The Slope of the Line
      Materials: Chalk and board, Meter stick, Power Point Presentation
      Reference: Lial, Hornsday, Miller; "Intermediate Algebra". 5th Edition, Pages 427-436

III. Lesson Procedure

A.    Pre-activities

1.Daily Activities
b.Checking of Attendance
c.Collecting of Assignments
d.Review or Reap of the previous lesson

- Lay one yard stick flat on the ground.  Lay another yard stick vertically against a wall.
- Have students use terms to explain, to a partner, the positions of these yard sticks.
-Have students share the terms they came up with to describe the position of the yard sticks.
-Explain that it is hard to describe slope using everyday language, but it is easy to describe with mathematics.

B.    Presentation
1Relate the motivational activities conducted to the topic to be discussed.
2.Introduce the topic on Slope of the Line through Power Point Presentation.
3.Ask one student to read the definition of slope.
4.Elaborate the definition and present the formula.
5.Point out the important details and rules about the topic.
6.Give some examples and ask volunteers from the class to solve the exercises.
7.Give a generalization.

IV. Assessment

Direction: Answer the following items. Write your answers on a graphing paper.

A.Find the slope of the following line through each pair of points.

1.(-2, 7); (4, -3)
2.(1, 2); (8, 5)
3.(8, -2); (3, -2)

B.Find the slope of each line.

1.2x + y = 6
2.3x – 4y = 12
3. x = -6
4.y + 5 = 0

C.Graph the following lines.

1.Through (1, -3), m = -3/4
2.Through (-1, -4), m =2

V. Assignment

Direction: Answer the following correctly. Have your Answers written on a one whole sheet of paper. Pass it next meeting.

1.If a walkway rises 2 feet for every 10 feet of horizontal distance, which of the following expresses its slope or grade?(There are more than one answer)

     a.  0.2        b. 2/10        c. 1/5           d. 20%         
     e. 5           f. 20/100      g. 500%

2. Graph the following line with the given equation and then find its slope based on the graph you will sketch.  
a.       y = 6           b. x = 2            c. x = 5            d. y = 2